1. Revenue - The NASDAQ Dozen

We start the NASDAQ dozen with an analysis of revenue because at its basic level, stock growth starts with a company making money. Fundamentally, if a company isn't bringing in any money, it can't pass profits along to its shareholders. In other words, it all starts with revenue.

Why We Look at Revenue

Revenue will give you an idea of how much money the company is making. If revenue is consistently increasing, this means the company is growing. As the company continues to grow, the stock price will appreciate in value.

How to Score Revenue
  • Pass—Give revenue a passing score if revenue is increasing. Start first by comparing the annual totals. But if the most recent fiscal year is incomplete, compare the most recent quarter with the same quarter in the previous year.
  • Fail—Give revenue a failing score if revenue is decreasing

Looking at the revenue totals for WMT in Figure 3, it should receive a passing score. Fiscal year 2011 had a higher revenue than fiscal year 2010, but since fiscal year 2012 is incomplete, you also have to look at the most recent quarter. And as you can see, July 2012 revenue was higher than July 2011 revenue, which gives WMT a passing revenue score.

Revenue: PASS

WMT Revenue & Earnings Per Share (EPS) Figure 3—Revenue Results

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