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50-Day Average Daily Volume - The NASDAQ Dozen

You will find the first factor you need to analyze in the NASDAQ Dozen—the 50-day average volume —on the Summary Quote page (see Figure 2). It is listed in the middle of the data table, just below Share Volume. Importance of the 50-day average daily volume
When you buy a stock, you want it to go up in value. And the only way a stock�s value can increase is if there are enough people who want to buy it at an increasingly higher price. Consequently, you want a high level of average volume to feel comfortable that there are enough potential buyers of the stock out there. Scoring the 50-day average daily volume

Looking at the 50-day average volume for GOOG in Figure 2 , you would give it a passing score because it has a whopping average of 6.6 million shares that trade every day.

50-Day Average Daily Volume: PASS

50 Day Average Volume Results

Figure 2—50-Day Average Volume Results Now that you have scored the first factor, you can move on to score the next two factors of the NASDAQ Dozen by going to the drop-down menu in the upper-left corner and selecting Charts (see Figure 3 ).

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Figure 3�Charts

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