NASDAQ Self-Serve Advertising Platform

Partner with NASDAQ, a Marquee Brand

As the largest and fastest growing electronic stock market in the world, NASDAQ is home to the world’s leading companies—and a well-recognized household name. In a recent U.S. poll, NASDAQ was #1 in awareness and name recognition among investors. Building on a reputation for innovative technology and worldwide growth, the NASDAQ brand lends global appeal to any advertising campaign.

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At, we work hard to help you succeed. That’s why so many of our advertisers have been with us for years. Month after month, clients like TD Ameritrade, Investors Business Daily, Saxo Bank, and OptionsXpress renew their contracts because our efforts and our 2 million unique visitors generate sales for them. In addition, our advertisers tell us that their campaigns on enhance their brand, which improves their click rates and conversions across all their campaigns. Get Started now

NASDAQ Demographics and Usage Statistics
  • 2.5 million unique visitors per month
  • 6 million visits per month
  • 35 million page views per month
Gender, Age, Education and Location
  • 57% Male
  • 13% under 35; 50% Age 35-55; 37% over 55
  • 54% College Grad/Post Grad (Index 107)
  • 44% Outside the United States
  • Corporate Business Leaders: 7% are C-Level Exec/Owner (Index 146)
  • 43% are a Business purchase/decision makers w/in company (Index 131)
  • Heavy Travelers - 17% have taken a business trip in the last 30 days (Index 158)
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Reach Your Target Audience

NASDAQ uses Doubleclick's DART for publishers (DFP) to serve your ads.
In addition to being able to deliver ads of almost any type,
DFP gives you a number of controls to make your campaign more efficient.

These include targeting by:
  • Geography (country, DMA, & area code)
  • Automated Optimization for placements with over 700,000 impressions per month.
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Ad Sizes & Guidelines

NASDAQ is partnering with PageGage to serve your ads.

The self-service advertising allows you to upload ads you have created.

You have two choices:
Leaderboard, which has dimensions of 728x90 pixels and a maximum laod file size of 40K
Large rectangle, which has dimensions of 300x250 pixels and a maximum laod file size of 40K

Format: JPG or GIF
Linking URL: An active URL must be provided and cannot exceed 128 characters.
Alternate GIF: 15-20K for static or animated GIFs
Animated GIF: Cannot loop more than 3 times with a refresh time of no less than 2 seconds.
Maximum length of 30 seconds.

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Self-Serve Advertising FAQs

What are the benefits of Self-Serve Advertising? This platform gives business owners a cost-effective way
to take advantage of's powerful brand and reach.
With Self-Serve Advertising, you are in control of your advertising,
and you can design a campaign that fits your budget.

What if I don't have ad creative?
There are several sites that can help you quickly,
easily and inexpensively create online ads.
Most of them offer easy-to-use templates that meet the Self-Serve Ad Specifications.

How much does self-serve advertising cost?
This depends entirely on your budget and your targeting selection.
The minimum cost is $500, and you can spend up to $5,000
through the self-serve advertising platform.

How will I be billed for my self-serve ad campaign?
PageGage, which provides the functionality for our
Self-Serve Advertising platform, has set up a secure
credit card checkout process that accepts Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

For campaigns with budgets of $5,000 or more, visit or contact your sales representative.

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