Market Ticker Help

How do I make changes?
To change the stock, index, or Most Active/Advanced/Declined selections you have made, simply click the "Configure" link and the Configure screen will pop up. To add a new selection use the three windows provided; either type in a stock symbol or highlight a "Most" category or index and then click the "Add>>" button. To remove a selection, highlight it and click the "<<Remove" button. Use the "Lookup Symbol" button if you are unsure of the right symbol. You can also choose one of the two preconfigured choices: "NASDAQ-100" which includes all of the stocks in the NASDAQ-100 Index, or "DJIA" which includes all of the stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index. You can close the ticker by clicking on the "X" in the top right corner.

What if it doesn't work correctly in my browser or my configuration was not saved?
The Market Ticker is a Java applet and is optimized for Internet Explorer™ and Netscape™ browsers versions 4.0 and above. The configuration is saved in a "cookie" within your browser. If the configuration you defined last time was not saved it could be due to one of several things:

  • You are not using the same computer with which you originally set up the ticker.
    If you configure a ticker on your computer at work and then try to view it on your home computer, you will not find it. You can only view your customized ticker with the machine it was created on. This does not exclude you from creating another ticker on your computer at home.

  • You are not using the same browser on which you set up your ticker.
    If you set up your ticker using Internet Explorer and then tried to access it using Netscape, you will not find it. Internet Explorer and Netscape handle cookies differently. Sometimes even upgrading to a newer version of the browser can cause the loss of a cookie.

  • Your cookie has been deleted from your computer.
    Some people delete old files to clean up their computers and create more space. Other times individuals use their built-in programs to delete older files and accidentally delete cookies.

  • Your computer does not accept cookies.
    You have changed the settings on your computer to deny cookies. Although you can configure the ticker, the details will not be saved for ongoing use. In order to save your choices, you need to accept cookies on your computer.

Does the market ticker update automatically?
Once the ticker has been launched, it will automatically update every three minutes. Click on the "Update" link if you want to refresh it yourself.

Can I link to more information?
To find out more about the stocks and indices you have picked, just click on the logo or information scrolling across the ticker which will launch a new browser window displaying the corresponding InfoQuote page. Click on the news headlines to launch a new window featuring the whole news story.

Can I control the speed and direction of the ticker?
There are three buttons which control the motion of the ticker:

  • The left arrow button controls the speed and direction of the ticker moving left.
  • The circle button causes the ticker to stop.
  • The right arrow button controls the speed and direction of the ticker moving right.

Is this delayed data? What is the source for quotes?
The data source for the stock and index information is Bridge Information Systems. All NASDAQ and OTCBB data is 15 minutes delayed; all Amex and NYSE data is 20 minutes delayed.

What is the source for news headlines?
Dow Jones Business News.

Provide Feedback.
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