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Investor Groups and Non NASDAQ-Listed Companies Wishing to Establish Links to nasdaq.com

If you plan on using the NASDAQ logo, please read our License Agreement first, and then e-mail your reply along with your company name, URL and the type of link you wish to establish to Chris Shields at chris.shields@nasdaqomx.com. We will review the request and respond via e-mail. See below for instructions and logo graphics for linking to our site.

Link to the NASDAQ Web site's Home Page with the Web site logo button below.


Example HTML Code to do this:
Link to <a href="http://www.nasdaq.com/"><img src="http://www.nasdaq.com/images/nasdaq_button.gif" width="94" height="38"></a>

Note: The HTML code here and in the other examples call the button graphics from NASDAQ web servers. We ask that you use the code given that link to the button graphics on our site. This way you will receive any future updates automatically.