Establishing NASDAQ Links to Your Site

The NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.'s NASDAQ Logo License Agreement

If you would like to use NASDAQ Logo buttons to link to our site, please read the following license agreement and respond via email to the address at the bottom.

The NASDAQ hereby grants you a license, until revoked by NASDAQ by a notice addressed and sent to the e-mail address provided below, to use the NASDAQ logo icon (the "logo") on your Web pages as a link to NASDAQ Web pages.

You acknowledge and agree by using the logo that: (a) the logo shall be used solely as a link to NASDAQ Web pages from your Web pages listed below and for no other purpose without prior written approval from NASDAQ Market Group; (b) the logo must always be an active link to the NASDAQ Web site; (c) the logo is owned by NASDAQ and you will not contest NASDAQ title to the logo or the validity of the permission granted to you; (d) you will use the logo only in the form and manner prescribed and will not use any other trademark, service mark, word or device in combination with the logo without the prior written consent of NASDAQ (e) neither this authorization nor any other NASDAQ consent may be assigned to any other entity or party, (including by operation of law), without the prior written approval of NASDAQ; (f) you will notify, indemnify and hold NASDAQ harmless of any claim, and pay any liability, costs or expenses which arise out of your Web pages or your unauthorized use of the logo; (g) nothing herein confers any right, title or interest in any other trademark, service mark, copyright, or patent of NASDAQ, registered or unregistered; and (h) you will comply with all future reasonable instructions from NASDAQ regarding the use of the logo on your Web pages. This License constitutes the entire Agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, and supersedes all prior negotiations, communications, writings, and understandings.

If you accept and agree to the above stated conditions of use, please send email reply with all of the information stated below, setting your subject to "NASDAQ Logo License Agreement".

  • Company Name
  • Company's Trading Symbol(s)
  • Company Web Page URL Address(es)
  • Date

If you have any questions, please contact your NASDAQ Market Services Director. You may also send an email to Chris Shields at

Only after NASDAQ accepts and sends notice to you via e-mail will this License become effective.

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