Help for the NASDAQ Portfolio Application (QFolio) for the iPhone


How do I add a stock to the portfolio?
1. Select the "Stock Finder" icon
2. Type the company's name in the "Search company" input box. Then select the "search" to the right of the "space" bar on the on screen keyboard.
3. Select the company's name or symbol from the results, displayed under the "search company" box.
4. This will open the "Stock Finder" quote page for the selected stock.
5. In the upper right corner, select the portfolio icon. This will automatically open the entry screen.
6. On the entry screen you will want to add the "Buy Price", "Number of Shares", "Date", and a "comment".
6a. The default "Buy Price" is the current price. If you wish to update your purchase price, please select the input box.
Please ensure that the blue highlight border is around the box.
This indicates that the input box is selected, and you will be able to make edits to it.
You will notice that the number input is now available; use the backword delete button to delete the value.
Enter the value of the price you purchased the stock.
6b. Select the "Number of shares" input box to enter the number of shares that you purchased.
6c. Select the "Date" input box. You will notice that the date scroll selector is available.
6d. Select the "Done" button to finish the addition.

Can I add a Mutual fund or option chain?
At this time these features are not available. Let us know if this is an important feature to you.

Can I add a OTCBB or Other OTC stocks?
At this time these features are not available, we are planning on adding support in the near future. Let us know if this is an important feature to you.

What is a Watch List?
The Watch List allows you a quick way to monitor stocks that you are interested in, but don't want to add to your holdings in your portfolio.

What are stocktwits?
This feature offers tweets from the users, read ideas from real investors in real time using the built-in StockTwits feature.
What is the source for the real-time quotes?
The real-time NASDAQ Last Sale feed. Please visit
NASDAQ Last Sale page for more details.