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What if DC Were Out of the Picture? - Real Time Insight

Posted: 10/14/2013 2:46:00 PM
Referenced Stocks: DIA;IWM;QQQ;SPY

Stocks were down early Monday as recent signs of progress on debt limit talks reversed course over the weekend. Gladly at the time of this writing the headlines are showing signs that we are getting this back on track. With that shares are up about 1% from the intraday lows. 

For now, let's assume that DC was not in the equation. Meaning that the government shutdown was over. And a debt deal came together that would modestly lower future debt yet not really derail the current economy (meaning exactly the kind of compromised deal that DC is famous for without really solving the problem). 

If the above were true, then how high could stocks get between now and end of the year (12/31/13). Meaning throw out the highest level you think the S&P 500 will achieve between now and New Years.

a) Today is as high as we will get. Its all downhill from here.

b) Make it to the previous highs of 1729 and that's it.

c) 1750

d) 1800

e) Name your level. 

No matter what you pick, be sure to give your rationale for that selection in the comments section below. 

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