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Ukraine Authorizes Use of Weapons - Real Time Insight

Posted: 3/18/2014 3:00:00 PM
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I am just seeing the headlines cross that make me worry about the markets... and the potential for loss of life too.  The Ukrainian government has authorized its troops in Crimea to use live ammunition to defend themselves.  This comes after Russian forces took over a base in Crimea thus breaching a truce that was just a few days old.

BREAKING All of the #Ukrainian troops at the military base in #Simferopol have now been arrested - BBC | PR News #Crimea

- Euromaidan PR (@EuromaidanPR) March 18, 2014

The markets weren't ready for this news as the VIX was down about 9.5% recently and the market was pushing back towards its highs.

Oh look, the $VIX managed to drop just in time for options expiration tomorrow and right where all the buyers lose.

- Rachel (@Sassy_SPY) March 18, 2014

My question to you is, does an escalation in violence in the Ukraine / Crimea make you more hesitant to buy stocks and or more likely to sell stocks... or are you in the camp of where there is blood there is value.

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