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Top 5 Valentine's Day Apps

By: Chris Ciaccia
Posted: 2/14/2013 7:23:00 AM
Referenced Stocks: AAPL

Valentine's Day is today, and whether you're single, in love or at wits end with your partner, everyone needs a little TLC, right? It's a day to spend with your sweetie or spend it thinking about your ex sweetie or someone you wish was your sweetie. Either way, it's all about your sweetie. Just pull out your trusty iPhone to make that special day even more special and romantic, and feel the love in the air (or the App Store).

Apple's (AAPL) App Store has nearly 600 Valentine's Day themed apps, and a slew more to help you if you're still looking for that special someone. Finding the ones you want to download may be a little difficult with such a wide variety, especially if you're busy eating chocolate covered strawberries with that special someone. Here's five iPhone apps to help make Valentine's Day a little more enjoyable, and perhaps get you in the mood to get down.... download that is!!

Valentine's Day 2013

What better way to celebrate V-Day than to download the official Valentine's Day 2013 app? This app by is actually 14 free apps that cater towards making February 14th that much better for you. It provides users with incredible graphics, artwork and pictures to get you in that lovey-dovey mood. If you shake your iPhone, you can change songs provided by the app, and perhaps if the mood strikes just right, Cupid will put on a little Barry White.

There's also the ability to earn gifts, making this app more than just something pretty to look at. Every time a new present is opened, the love meter goes higher, and you're allowed to download different wallpapers. Your sweetheart will definitely think it's romantic if you pick one just for him/her.

This free app is compatible with all iPhones, and is optimized for the iPhone 5. It requires that you have iOS 4.3 or later to download, and is also available on the iPod Touch and iPad.

Floral Valentines

What's Valentines Day without flowers? With the Floral Valentines app, you can figure out what each flower represents before you go ahead and send the wrong ones!

Some flowers mean flirting, mending a broken relationship or are just from one friend to another. This app allows you to figure out what more than 150 flowers mean to send that perfect message on that special day. The app costs 99 cents, and essentially becomes a simple, yet refined guide for buying flowers or sending a floral postcard that you can express via social media. You can browse by flower type or meaning, and then save your favorite ones.

The Floral Valentines app is compatible with all iPhones, but is optimized for the iPhone 5. It requires that you have iOS 5.0 installed, and is also available on the third generation iPod Touch and above, as well as the iPad.

A Talking Bear

Valentine's Day is all about spending the day doing whatever you want with that special someone, but don't think you're off the hook that easy. You have to show some effort that you care. Usually that means something sparkly (*cough* diamonds *cough*) or shiny (*cough* gold *cough*). If your budget can't support a nice piece from Cartier, then consider downloading the Talking Bear app.

This app, which costs just 99 cents, actually talks to you! There are over 20 fun messages that the bear says, and is sure to make your special someone happy. It's even animated, as actions speak louder than words, and there's nothing that says "I love you" more than a dancing, talking teddy bear that makes you laugh. The app also has some games for you and your main squeeze to play while the delicious dinner you're making (or waiting for) is cooking.

The Talking Bear app is compatible with all iPhone versions, as well as the iPod touch, and iPad. It requires that you have iOS 4.3 installed on your iDevice.

A Love Pic Booth for Valentine's Day

What would Valentine's Day be without taking some special pictures of you and your loved one? What better way to take a picture than with an app geared specifically for it? A Love Pic Booth allows you to do just that.

This camera app will help you add frames, cut backgrounds and put HD quality Valentine's-themed backgrounds into your pictures. In addition, there's a built-in recorder that allows you to add a special little love note, poem, or message to your photo. It's a gift your beau will treasure forever.

This free app works with all the versions of the iPhone, but is optimized for the iPhone 5. It requires you to have iOS 4.3 or later.


Okay, so all these apps are for the love birds. What if you're alone on V-Day? No worry, there's an app for that!! OKCupid, one of the world's leading dating sites, allows you all the fun of the dating website in the palm of your hands.

The free app allows you to meet and chat with new people, and show the world what date suggestions you have. There's the ability to find people based off OKCupid's algorithm, and you can rate profiles based on whether you like what you see and read. You can make in app purchases, such as the ability to Bribe, and Message Storage, further adding to your dating experience.

OKCupid is available on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, but is optimized for the iPhone 5. You'll need to have iOS 4.3 or later to install it.

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