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Most Crowded/Least crowded GEM Fund Flows

By: Emerging Money
Posted: 5/10/2013 9:33:00 AM
Referenced Stocks:

Weekly Fund Flow data is out there is some unsurprising results from the top and bottom of the leader board.

Let's go to the scoreboard :

Least crowded are Russia, India and CE3 (Czech, Poland , Hungary).

Most crowded REMAIN Turkey , Philippines , South Korea , and South Africa.

Overall what we are seeing is that dedicated Global Emerging Markets (GEM) allocations are growing vs. specific country or regional approaches.

What's does this tell me?

Investors are rotating to allocate more capital towards global equity underperformers and to places that should benefit from the wash in liquidity.

The fresh central bank ammunition of European Central Bank and Fed last week, coupled with Bank of Japan in your face means global players are looking more and more to Emerging Markets despite lower commodity prices and China in 2nd gear.  Total GEM inflows were $0.3bn last week and are +$25.5bn year to date.