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Market Wrap-Up for Nov.12 (SHW, JEF, PCP, JNJ, C, more)

Posted: 11/12/2012 4:33:00 PM
Referenced Stocks: C;GRMN;JEF;JNJ;KLAC

Even though the markets sold off fairly hard last week, buyers appeared to remain on strike as we had a quiet start to the new trading week. It could be the Veteran's Day holiday and schools being closed that may have kept retail investors away, but we should see volume pick up as the week goes on.

Two companies that did well out of the gate on news they were making acquisitions were Sherwin-Williams ( SHW ) and Precision Castparts ( PCP ). Jefferies Group ( JEF ) was also up, but they are actually the company being acquired in a financial services deal. The tough thing for longer-term shareholders of JEF is the shares are being bought well off the company's all-time highs of about $34. The acquisition price of $16 and change is less than half of JEF's high.

Finally, cautious Wall Street commentary had shares of Garmin ( GRMN ) and Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ ) trading in the red. On the flip side, shares of KLA Tencor ( KLAC ) and Citigroup ( C ) gained on positive analyst mentions.

Meticulous in the Right Areas

I was sitting at the gas station the other day waiting for a fill-up when I couldn't help but notice a person working endlessly on giving his car's rims (at the car wash that was attached) that new-car shine. I'm certainly all for things to look immaculate, but in the back of my mind I wondered if this individual was as meticulous with his own finances as well. I guess it's the financial services person in not admiring the effort so much in making the tire rims look new again, and instead wondering what this person's finances were like.

I am of the belief that one who works tirelessly in one aspect of his life has the DNA to do so in many other aspects of their lives. Now we all know there is a difference between working hard and working smart, but if you at least have shown the desire to roll up your sleeves, you will sooner or later find better ways to make your job/life easier.

Looking at it from another angle, we all know people who simply can't seem to prioritize their lives correctly. Maybe the person cleaning those rims just cares about how his car looks to others and puts endless amounts of time and monies into that particular pride and joy. Now if it was a antique/classic car, that's one thing, but that wasn't the case in the vehicle I witnessed getting the royal treatment.

At some point, most people "get it" when it comes to all things money. For some, it may be too little too late (their best income sources have dried up for the most part), but some will be able to turn it all around and never look back. Let's do our best to make sure those we care about do the latter.

Veteran's Day Wishes from

We at would like to send out a special, heart-felt "Thank You" to all of our nation's veterans today.

It's easy for us civilians to get caught up in the trivial details of our everyday lives. At, many of our concerns center around the economy, the state of the nation, and yes, investing opportunities in this very volatile market. We love America, and we do our best each day to convey honest information and opinions that we feel are in our country's best interest.

With all of the hubbub about the economy and the elections lately, it's been all too easy to forget the bravery of those people who literally put their lives on the line to defend our great country and its undying commitment to freedom. Indeed, our men and women in the armed forces, past and present, truly have a much more sacred idea of what freedom really is.

Those brave souls at home and abroad who have served and continue to serve us, day in and day out, deserve nothing but our respect, admiration, and fervent support. They are the reason we're able to enjoy the benefits of living in the greatest country in the world.

Our best thoughts and wishes go out to all past and present members of the U.S. military today. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for protecting our way of life and our great nation. You are our true heroes!

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