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Largest option buying in equities so far

By: optionMONSTER
Posted: 2/11/2013 11:27:00 AM
Referenced Stocks: AOL;CHK;DELL;WAG

Nearing the halfway mark in today's session, here are the individual equity names with the most call and put buying on optionMONSTER's ActionTracker data system.

Walgreen (WAG): Some 16,500 March 41 calls were bought for $0.96 to $1.04 as investors look for upside in the pharmacy giant. WAG rose 0.25 percent to $41.51.

AOL (AOL): A block of 10,000 April 36 calls were bought for $2.15 and an equal number of April 31 puts were sold for $0.35. The position cost $1.80 to open, and is similar to owning shares in the online media site. AOL rose 6.70 percent to $35.98. (See related story )

Chesapeake Energy (CHK): A block of 11,000 April 20 puts were bought for $1.20. Volume was below open interest at the strike, so an investor may have been closing a short position in the puts. CHK fell 0.30 percent to $20.17.

Dell (DELL): About 16,000 August 15 calls were bought for $0.12 to $0.14, but volume was below open interest at the strike. DELL rose 0.21 percent to $13.66.