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Is the Earnings Picture Deteriorating? - Real Time Insight

Posted: 12/15/2011 11:23:00 AM
Referenced Stocks: DD;INTC;TXN

Corporate profitability has been a standout performer in this earnings cycle, with double digit growth in the last eight quarters. This earnings momentum has served as a key source of support for the stock market.

But all cycles eventually mature and turn around. This earnings cycle appears to be maturing in a backdrop of growing anxieties about the global economy. Europe is heading towards a recession and the extent of the Chinese slowdwon remains uncertain.

With about 40% of the earnings for the S&P 500 companies coming from international markets, it is doubtful that this worldwide slowdown will have no negative impact on corporate earnings.

Are the recent profit warnings from companies like DuPont ( DD ), Texas Instruments ( TXN ), Intel ( INTC ) and others pointing towards a materially deteriorating earnings picture? Or we can chalk all of these off to company specific issues unrelated to each other? 

 I don't think the earnings picture is materially deteriorating, but what do you guys think? Are current consensus earnings expectations adequately reflecting this worldwide slowdown?

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