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How to trade China’s one child policy being loosened

By: Emerging Money
Posted: 11/15/2013 12:44:00 PM
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Out of the China Plenum comes headlines that are market grabbing.  The one that has the highest interest is their claim they will loosen the one child policy.

Astrobaby could be healthy for babies and investors.

What's the two brain cell trade?  BUY BABY FOOD!   Meade Johnson Nutrition ( MJN , quote ) is up big today along with other ancillary plays as they expectation is they will be a primary beneficiary of change.

Overall, this segment is one of those great thematic emerging markets plays. Baby food in globally, especially in developing markets…especially in more important than in USA with food safety a fact (fear) of life.

Meade Johnson's revenues 10 years ago were 60% US.  Now USA is 25% and China is 30%, Mexico 9% and the rest of the world fills out the rest with much of this in emerging markets.

Historically I have been a big buyer of this trend in emerging markets.  In Russia, PepsiCo bought out Wimm Bill Dann (which traded on the NYSE until buyout) a couple years ago to get the market leader in this segment.

Its big business and will continue to be high margin business.  For MMJN infant formula is 60% of the business and this is suddenly getting more affordable in China.  Prices have lagged behind the growth in wages and consumption.

Meade Johnson has spent years building their brand and their corporate relationship in China.  At 25x current P/E and 23X e'14 the stock is not cheap to its history but given the growth trajectory and long term business focus, this is a name to follow if not own.