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ETFs North Of The EU Mess

By: IndexUniverse
Posted: 6/1/2012 6:12:00 PM
Referenced Stocks: EWG;EWI;EWN;EZU;GXF

Forget, for now, Spain, Italy and Greece-the problem children of the vaunted European Union. All three countries have their warts, and investors know this. Bank solvency is a major concern, and funding rates for all three countries have skyrocketed.

Look at the chart below to take measure of how badly the debt crisis is affecting these countries.

  • Global X FTSE Nordic Region ETF (NYSEArca:GXF)
  • Global X FTSE Norway ETF (NYSEArca:NORW)
  • iShares MSCI Netherlands Index Fund (NYSEArca:EWD)
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