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Autozone director buys more than $150,000 in shares

By: InvestorsObserver
Posted: 10/16/2013 2:51:00 PM
Referenced Stocks: AZO

Autozone director buys more than $150,000 in shares

Bobby Raines 10/16/2013

Douglas Brooks, a director at Autozone ( AZO ) , spent $150,001 to increase his stake in the company's common stock on October 15. The purchase increased Brooks' direct holdings by more than 200%.

IK-> The technicals for AZO ($423.29 up $3.06) are bullish with a neutral trend. Recent support has been around $419.40 and recent resistance has been near $427.42. Standard & Poor's dhas a three STARs (out of five) rating on the stock. Look at the Dec. 370/380 bull-put spread for a 75-cent credit. That's an 8.11% return and the stock has to fall 10.2% to cause a problem.  [InvestorsKeyhole, Various news and data services]