Yellen Q&A: We're generally pleased with how the economy is doing


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    Comments from the Chair in the Q&A

    • Seeing 'definite' evidence the economy picking up

    Like what? The data has been sliding.

    • Economy has a little more room to run than might have been previously thought

    She's saying the Fed has more time to wait-and-see before it has to worry about inflation

    • Most agreed that the case for a hike was stronger
    • Mostly agreed we would like to see additional progress before hiking
    • We're going to watch for additional evidence
    • Most anticipate one hike will be appropriate this year
    • If we continue on the course for jobs without any shocks, I expect a hike this year
    • Our assessment of monetary policy is somewhat accommodative

    The bolded is hawkish. She said that not much needs to happen to justify a hike. No shocks and jobs growth around 150K. That's a low bar.

    • There is less Fed disagreement than you might think
    • We're struggling with difficult issues like what the new normal is
    • Important to have independent-minded people and different views
    • The FOMC does not suffer from groupthink

    "Our organization suffers from groupthink" - said no head of an organization ever.

    •  "Partisan politics plays no role in our decisions about the appropriate stance of monetary policy."
    • Every meeting is live, including November

    I'll believe that if they hike Nov 2.

    • Commercial real estate prices have caught our eye
    • Asset values not out of line with historical norms
    • The Fed doesn't want to cause downside risks for jobs market
    • There are also risks that inflation doesn't get back to 2%
    • There are risks of waiting too long to hike
    • It's tough to judge which is the more-serious risk, we're all struggling with it
    • I can't recall any meeting where politics has been discussed

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