Market Wrap-Up for Sept.18 (FDX, BRCM, TXN, ETN, MPC, more)

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The markets were once again yawning at renewed cautious commentary from transports bellwether FedEx ( FDX ). With the hopes for oil prices possibly breaking the recent uptrend, some investors may be banking on the company's cautious commentary as just a minor blip tied mostly to fuel price concerns.

Elsewhere, Wall Street analyst calls helped move the needle for some names. Seeing upside were shares of Broadcom ( BRCM ) on the back of Apple's iPhone sales blowout, as well as Eaton Corp ( ETN ), tied to a potential rebound in the auto/truck sector. On the flip side, we saw red for shares of Marathon Petroleum ( MPC ) following concerns about the company's valuation, as well as Texas Instruments ( TXN ), on the potential for order trends slowing.

It's Just Not Fair
I remember being in high school and seeing how big a deal sports was for a school. Colleges would come and recruit my school and many in the area from where I was living. You'd often hear about the students who were making waves with the universities and the scholarship rumors would be rampant. It would be hard for some to handle, considering that academics weren't always factored into the equation of earning a scholarship. For the non-athletes, it would be perplexing knowing some of the star athletes would sometimes be treated differently and were able to get away with much more than most of the other students. Knowing sports as much as I did and knowing how hard it was for many of the athletes to make it in the pros, it didn't matter as much to me. I knew the time to shine was after the diploma was handed to me and I could make my way into the real world and pursue my own goals.

The current economic environment we are seeing with many so dependent on the government and with much less people to foot the tax bill to keep the current system in place has stirred up emotional reminders of what I heard and felt from those seething at the preferential treatment their fellow high school classmate athletes would receive back in my high school days. I'm sure many of you that read my daily newsletter could remember similar instances from your past.

The reality for many star high school athletes is that making a career in professional sports is like hitting the lottery as far as odds go. For many that believe government assistance is a permanent strategy or the financial foundation dreams can be built on, there will come the realization that making it out of the financial rut will ultimately take personal initiative. I understand the frustration from an outsider's standpoint, and what I mean by outsider, is by someone who doesn't receive monthly benefits from the government and currently holds a steady job.

It's tough to address this issue without feeling the need to be pulled into a political debate, but this isn't the point of why I write this. It's more about pushing oneself to not rely on continued outside assistance and get into the habit of making your own opportunities. Back in my post high school days, I'd have plenty of conversations with close family friends who would often promise an introduction to get myself working for the local union (jobs with benefits were the golden ticket). Everyone I knew had a contact, but when push came to shove, no one really wanted to use up their "inside" contact unless it was for someone in their own family. This is how the real world worked then and how it likely works now. If you put yourself in a situation where you need to wait for the phone to ring for your dreams to come true, that day is likely never going to come, and if it does, will likely fall short of all your expectations.

My life took shape when I came to this realization. You have to go out and make your own way. It takes figuring things out and seeing what works and learning from what doesn't. Investing and building wealth is no different. The promise of quick riches is often just that, promises. The real money gets made when you stop and decide to be the best you can be in a particular field that is well-established and hopefully still growing. Even with that, life will sometimes require you to pivot into a new area for whatever the reason is (being laid off, company gets sold, moving to another area, etc.). The challenges could be immense, but the rewards can be well worth it. The same thing can sometimes occur with companies we invest in. For some companies, the best days will soon pass, while for others, the better times are still to be had.

Things won't always seem fair throughout our lives, but if we have the dedication and work ethic to succeed, there will be little in our way to stop us from achieving the financial independence we all desire. And again, nothing is wrong with getting some help, but we all know the permanent solution to what is best will come from within.

Income, Income, Income

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