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Who Is A Fiduciary? Clients—And Advisors—Unclear
6/29/2010 10:46:15 AM Financial Advisor Magazine

It's not just clients who don't understand what people who hold themselves out as financial advisors are obligated to do for them. A new survey shows that many advisors are confused, too. It's... Read More

Fund Manager Charged In $105 Million Ponzi Scheme
6/28/2010 5:46:08 PM Financial Advisor Magazine

A fund manager based in the U.S. Virgin Islands operated a $105 million foreign currency Ponzi scheme that involved 400 investors, the SEC charges. A fund manager based in the U.S. Virgin... Read More

Financial Advisor Charged With Fraud, Breaching Fiduciary Duty
6/28/2010 4:46:06 PM Financial Advisor Magazine

The SEC has charged an advisor with fraud for taking $6.9 million in client money and investing it in promissory notes of a real estate company that buys and renovates distressed properties. The... Read More

SEC In Talks With OCC On ‘Rent-A-Trust’
6/28/2010 3:26:04 PM Fund Action

--Stan Wilson Securities and Exchange Commission Andrew Donohue Profit Sharing/401k Council of America The SEC division director noted that the Office of the Comptroller of... Read More

Schwab Readies Int’l Collective Trust Fund
6/28/2010 3:26:01 PM Fund Action

Charles Schwab John Sturiale Charles Schwab Investment Management FA  Read More

Hotel Owner Seeks Acquisitions, Management Contracts
6/28/2010 12:46:32 PM Real Estate Finance

Richfield Hospitality is after more acquisitions and wants to expand the number of companies through which it provides third-party management services. To this end, the company... Read More

GTIS Turns Sights Back To U.S. Market
6/28/2010 12:46:17 PM Real Estate Finance

Golden Tree Insight Partners , which recently re-branded itself GTIS , is turning its attention to the U.S. residential market after investing for several years in Brazil. The firm is... Read More

ELX Targets Eurodollar Traders With Speed, Price
6/28/2010 11:46:34 AM Wall Street Letter

--Corrie Driebusch ELX Futures has rolled out Eurodollar futures contracts with the hope of luring traders away from CME Group 's core constituency with faster speeds and lower... Read More

Chi-X, LSE Group Lead In European Equities
6/28/2010 11:46:23 AM Wall Street Letter

London Stock Exchange Group Borsa Italiana Federation of European Securities Exchanges NYSE Euronext Deutsche Börse Chi-Delta SmartPool  Read More

U.S. Regs Ink Deals With Canada, Australia
6/28/2010 11:25:59 AM Compliance Reporter

Commodity Futures Trading Commission Alberta Securities Commission Separately, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority inked a similar deal with the Australian... Read More